product description


Kiln Dried Lumber

Kiln drying lumber changes the properties of the board to allow us to use lumber in certain ways. Kiln drying provides stability and controls shrinkage and swelling of lumber, it also reduces bacteria and fungi inside the wood, and kills the insects infestations in the wood.  Drying also betters the lumber for machining. Kiln drying permits gluing, and hardens pitch, which improves the overall workability of the lumber.

  • Hardwood- the wood from a broadleaf tree
  • Softwood- the wood from a conifer tree


Landscaping Stone and Boulders


  • Full Color Stand-Up
    • Our pallets of stand-up stone range in color from a red color to gray. They vary in thickness as well, and work great for patios and walkways.
  • Blue Stand-Up
    • Our Blue stand up pallets are blue in color, and differ from the full color stand up because it is Pennsylvania Blue stone
  • Steps- Faced
    • Natural step stones with a snapped edge
  • Tumbled Irregular
    • Rounded eased edge, in the same thickness to provide a superior product for stacking, and laying for a wall, or walkway
  • Blond Wall-Stone
    • Blond wall-stone is tan to light brown in color
  • Colonial Wall-Stone & Snapped Wall-Stone
    • Colonial wall-stone is gray to a green/blue color
  • Thick Flag-Sawn
    • These pieces of stone are sawn to make a smooth side and face ranging in size can be used for many purposes
  • Natural Pattern (sold by the square foot)
    • This stone is cut in uniform sizes ranging from 1' x 1' to 2' x 3'  
    • 2 inch
    • 1 1/2  inch
    • 1 inch
  • 2 inch Treads
    • various widths and lengths these stones can be used for a multitude of purposes ranging from mantel pieces or steps
  • Tumbled Pavers
    • Tumbled pavers are a Pennsylvania blue stone with an eased edge. The dimensions of these are uniform either 12" x 12", or 12" x 18" 
  • Veneer Mountain Stone
    • Veneer mountain stone is used for the sides of houses and buildings. unlike any other product the veneer mountain stone is real stone.
    • Flats (sold by the square foot)
    • Corners (sold by the lineal foot)


Landscaping Material and Gravel


  • Bark Mulch

Bark Mulch differs from wood mulch and colored mulch. Bark mulch is made form the bark that comes off of trees when they are taken to the sawmill. Hardwood mulch can be any mulch containing any kind of hardwood. It can be bark and white wood, or just white wood. Colored mulch is a product made from chopped up pallets that are then dyed. 

  • Single Ground Bark Mulch- bark mulch that is coarse and will  have larger pieces of bark
  • Double Ground Bark Mulch- bark mulch that is ground twice to provide a product that is not as coarse as the single ground

  • Topsoil and Gravel
  • Screened and Unscreened Top Soil
    • Screened topsoil will have minimal debris in it such as stone and small gravel, where unscreened top soil will have a few stones in it
  • Composted Mushroom Soil
    • Composted mushroom soil is an organic plant fertilizer that is composed of horse manure and other materials that may include hay, straw, corn cobs and hulls. This mixture is then broken down and steamed to kill any weed seeds that may be in the pile of soil.
  • #9 Limestone (Anti-skid)
    • #9 limestone is a pea-sized gravel, gray in color
  • 1B Limestone
    • 1B limestone is approximately half an inch in size, gray in color
  • 2B Limestone
    • 2B limestone is larger in size and is approximately an inch and a half in size, gray in color
  • 2B Sand-Stone
    • 2B sand-stone is approximately an inch and a half in size, and tan to brown in color
  • Red 2B landscaping stone
    • Red 2B stone is approximately an inch and a half in size, and ranges from a light red to a dark red color
  • Round River Stone
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
  • 2RC (Sub-Base)
    • 2RC is a mixture of 2B gravel and dirt, silt, and clay. This is primarily used for fill or a sub-base.


Pine Paneling

We stock pine T&G 6" and 8" paneling

6" paneling is 5 1/8" coverage, beaded on one face and V-groove on the other face

8" paneling is 6 3/4" coverage, V-groove on one face and flat on the other face